Despite recent reports, Britney will NOT grace the cover of Vogue according to “The confusion began this morning when gossiper Liz Smith reported that “Vogue’s celebrated Patrick Demarchelier has come to the U.S. from London to photograph Britney Spears.”

“Spears’ first and only appearance on a Vogue cover was back in November 2001 for an issue dedicated to American fashion in 2001. The issue was a “flop,” according to the source.

Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour ‘will never put her on the cover again,’ the source says. ‘She’s just not a Vogue kind of girl.’

I’d say something snappy about Anna Wintour, but she’ll hire an assasin to kill me. She’s that kinda HBIC.

But don’t get too sad! Sources tell E!’s Marc Malkin that Britney WILL appear on the cover of a fashion magazine this year, just not Vogue. In fact, Britney worked with Demarchelier just yesterday in Bel. Vanity Fair anyone?

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