Britney: What Do I Get My Family For Christmas?

Britney is Tweeting fans asking what she should get her family for Christmas!

Since I’m on tour, I’m gonna do my Holiday shopping online this year..but I need ur help picking out gifts. Let’s start w/ mom! Any ideas?

Some of her responses:

Y’all have been so much fun! I’ve got a big list so I’ll definitely be back online to do some more shopping w/ u all soon

I think I’m gonna go w/ the pink one! Shhhh….don’t tell mom.

Can’t wait to meet u! RT @Nicy_Macha i have a surprises 4 u in Lima. I’m going to M&G. I hope u like it baby. You are so sweet.

That’s what I keep hearing on Twitter! RT @blondiewilson curly is the new straight

Counted! RT @luuuvvvjb PINK:D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL I’ll pass it on to the team RT @ohsnapitszach You should sell your own straighteners/curling irons that say “it’s Britney *****” on it!

Somebody suggested an ezcurler…maybe it would help her curl my hair faster LOL! What color should I get?…

Love that! RT @15psyche83 @britneyspears curling iron so she can style your hair in more different ways 🙂

She’s such a stylist!! RT @BritneyUKSpears @britneyspears a curling iron because she made your hair look fierce the other day!!

OK so i’ve narrowed it down to a curling iron or a straightener…what do y’all think?

Let’s see if Jason’s up for it! RT @Slave4Stu you, brett, jason & the boys should dress up as the spice girls and give her a song and dance

She does love makeup and hair stuff… RT @Xx_KirraaanxX @britneyspears I normally give my Mum makeup, perfume or jewellery :’)

Aww that could be really cute RT @TylerWasBTW I think you should get a scrap book made for her! That way you can have it hand made!

LOL RT @BritneysMafia Give her a picture of you as Mrs.Claus, Jason as Santa and Sean and Jayden as little elves!

Don’t know if I can do that! RT @BradySpears you should get her some Starbucks! Just make sure you don’t drink it before you give it to her

But what?!? RT @RadiateLuis @britneyspears MAKE something for you’re mama! That’s something real cute!

She would definitely look fierce 🙂 RT @FierceAlex A French beret 🙂

She would look so hot! RT @flopbitch @britneyspears GET YOUR MOM A CUSTOMIZED SLAVE 4 U OUTFIT

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