Britney is not fooling around when it comes to her wedding later this year, hiring a team of specialists to make sure she’s in tip-top shape, according to new reports.

She’s “planning a course of Pilates lessons as well as regular facials and massage so she looks her best to celebrate her Christmas wedding.”

The total’s already at more than £100,000, including three baths where 1000 bottles of Evian water are poured into a tub covered in rose petals.

A source told Now: “Brit’s looking great at the moment – her new body’s given her a huge boost.”

“That’s spurred her on to keep going and she’s now decided to add more elements to her regime.”

They want to have their dream wedding take place in Hawaii, perhaps why the two were vacationing there last month.

I don’t believe this report. I mean, Evian? We all know Brit’s more of a Desani girl…

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