Britney drags the doubters.

The princess of pop’s Instagram is a wondrous rabbit hole of fashion shows, motivational quotes and exercise montages. In light of the Free Britney movement, the Britney Army was under the impression that the singer’s business manager and/or assistant is solely responsible for posting content on her official channel, however Britney is deciding to clear the air.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

She posted a video (presumably herself) saying:

“For those of you who don’t think I post my own videos. I did this video yesterday, so… you’re wrong! But, I hope you like it.”

The accompanying video is a new fashion show soundtracked to Rihanna’s “Man Down.”

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In recent weeks, Britney’s Instagram has shared videos that are seemingly taken in years’ past, leading fans to believe she’s not in control of the social app. However, the most notable video is the one posted during her time at the mental health facility where she told fans “all is well.” The caption appeared to be disjointed from the video – it claimed Sam Lutfi created fake emails acting as Britney. Read more about that here. It’s also interestingly timed – Britney’s team filed a temporary restraining order against Lutfi (which the judge granted), and is looking to extend it today.

It also refutes the multiple reports that she does not have access to a smart phone.

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It’s also worth noting the use of apple emojis. Perhaps a nod to the non-existent “Apple Pie” track plaguing fans last summer. Brit doesn’t throw shade often, but when she does it’s an entire rain forest.

UPDATE: Britney deleted her original post, then re-posted it to exclude the new photo (which is now its own post).

Watch below:

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