Britney wants to marry friend and TV agent Jason Trawick, according to Life & Style.

Riiiiiiiight… I’m sure she wants to marry him as much as she wants to stay locked up in the conservatorship!

“Britney told Jamie and Lynne she wants to marry Jason,” says a family insider.

Britney told Jamie and Lynne she wants to marry him? Or Jamie and Lynne told Britney they want her to marry him?

Britney: marrying Jason will NOT get you out of the conservatorship or receive full custody.

The family insider claims Britney might be confusing friendship for romance.

“She says Jason makes her feel safe and loved,” added the source. “Jason is wonderful with the boys. Britney has no fears about his being a daddy.”

And “Britney says the *** is great.”

Wedding plans are already in the works! Apparently Britney wants the ceremony to take place in Kentwood, Louisiana.

“Britney wants to take time planning it, though. She keeps talking about wanting this marriage to last – so the wedding has to be just right.”

But is it marriage Britney really wants? Or her sons back…

“The more stable Brit looks, the better she thinks her chances are of getting the boys back,” the insider continued.

“That’s another reason she wants to get married again.”


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