Britney Wants To Extend Piece Of Me Through 2016

February 24, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Britney Wants To Extend Piece Of Me Through 2016

Britney was offered a touring contract for 2016, but she’ll probably extend Piece Of Me another two years instead.

Hoping to see Britney Spears perform in the next two years? You can! Just be sure to book a room in Las Vegas.

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Britney might be one of the biggest arena-selling acts of our generation, but she finds herself sitting pretty at the Axis theater inside Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas with no plans to end her popular residency.

“She’s very comfortable and happy with the Axis showroom at Planet Hollywood and living part time in Las Vegas, so we’re guessing that’s where she’ll want to stay,” a source tells the Las Vegas Sun.

“You have both parties who want a deal to work for another two years, so it deserves to happen.”

But get this, Britney was offered a touring contract for 2016. There’s money to be made, so perhaps Britney will extend the residency for close to two more years then take her act on the road towards the end of 2016. For now, she’ll hold down the fort at Planet Hollywood, but if negotiations go south, another major hotel is ready to swoop in.

“Britney insisted on a lot of tweaks to improve the experience for her fans, and they’re loving it more than ever,” a source says of the show currently. “She’s moved into being very comfortable with the show and having much more fun doing it rather than having to concentrate during each number of what’s coming up next. It’s a fast-paced, nonstop show, and there’s no room for mishap. She’s finally totally relaxed with it.”

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