Britney was recently granted an extension to her 50/50 visitation agreement with ex-husband Kevin Federline during her “Circus” tour, but according to new reports, Britney is determined to get her kids back for good.

Britney plans to file for full custody and become primary guardian of her two sons because she’s concerned the boys are picking up Kevin’s bad habits.

“She is ready to fight to get her boys back. Britney feels that leaving Kevin in charge has turned her sons into cursing, ill-mannered little boys who don’t behave,” said a source.

“Britney wants to be the one who chooses where the boys go to school and where they go to church.”

“She wants full custody and for Kevin to have visitation. Britney feels that Kevin is now the one with problems that the judge needs to hear about. She believes he’s become a poor role model for Sean and Jayden. The boys are used to Kevin’s foul-mouthed, lazy, unemployed dancer friends, who either live at the house or hang out there.”

“Britney doesn’t want the boys growing up thinking that kind of lifestyle is acceptable.”

Hope she gets it!


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