Britney Wants To Be Artsy & Different On New Album

Britney wants to try something new on her next studio album.

Britney confirmed (because a studio picture wasn’t enough) she’s “progressively” making a new album… “very slowly.”

This time around, the “Alien” singer wants to experiment and try something “artsy and different and out there.”

She adds she’d like to work with Katy Perry again – the two first joined forces on “The Smurfs 2” soundtrack, “Ooh La La.”

“I think she’s just electric. Her hair is always a different color. She’s so flamboyant. I love that energy. I think it’s contagious.”

Meanwhile, an alleged source close to Brit tells Radar she’s venting in the studio about her recent breakup with ex David Lucado who cheated on her with a pornstar. So, there’s that.

“She is back in the studio recording new music because that is what she does to channel her energy. She is probably going to write a song about David because she feels burned!”

“Britney is really holding up amazing and she has been delivering insane performances, while working on her new music,” the source adds. “She is even asking her friends to ‘hook her up,’ but she finds it hard to find a quality straight guy.”

See the video of Brit breaking the news here on Extra: