Designer dresses, magnolias, Doritos and Snickers is not enough for the queen. Britney’s also requiring a team of 24 to be at her disposal once judging starts, according to new reports.

”There are some rules, such as no random people approaching her – no runners or production staff, no one telling her she has to be somewhere at a certain time.
”She’s also insisted on having around 24 of her own staff on hand, including a spiritual advisor, security, a doctor and psychologist.

”Britney’s in regular touch with Simon and is asking for more and more. He’s been laughing about it, saying she’d better pull it out of the bag after all this fuss. He’s seen a lot during his years in the business but says she’s another level.”

Even though Brit’s getting a whopping $15 million for her services, insiders claim she’s being paid-per-episode.

The source added: ”Insiders say the deal Simon has struck means he’s only paying her episode, so if she’s not performing, then she’ll be replaced, just like Cheryl Cole was last year.”

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