Britney wants custody of her children back, according to new reports.

Britney’s currently stuck under the thumb of the men in her life; Dad Jamie controls her career, legal and financial decisions, while ex-husband Kevin Federline holds sole custody of their two boys.

Though Britney reportedly sees the boys 50/50 with Kevin, she still wants the ability to make decisions for them.

A source said: “It’s getting harder and harder for her to hand the boys back to Kevin after each visit. Britney dreams of marrying Jason and having the kids live with them – she’d even like to have more children too.”

“She won’t be happy until the boys are with her full-time. All she wants is to get her life back, without having to ask her dad’s permission to do everything.”

Britney currently pays Kevin $15,000 a month in spousal support, and would continue to pay the large sum if he agrees to let Britney retain partial custody.

Kevin’s refused.

The insider told Closer magazine: “At first, Britney thought it was because he was afraid of losing the money, so she offered him an out-of-court settlement, meaning he’d get the money regardless of who the boys live with.

“But he’s told her he fears she’s still too unstable and could go off the rails again.”

The source added: “Britney and Kevin’s relationship is amicable – Kevin likes Jason and knows he’s a stable influence on Britney.”

“He’s told her she can visit them every day but there’s no way he’s handing them over full time.”


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