Britney wants to end the conservatorship, but her doctors think she’s not ready, reports

“Britney has said that she feels she is ready to resume control of her life,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline. “She has expressed this sentiment on multiple occasions, but her doctor believes that Britney isn’t ready for the conservatorship to be lifted. She has come a very long way in the last 18 months especially but her team wants more time. Yes, Britney does live on her own, with Jason, and her dad hasn’t lived under the same roof with her for years, but she just wants to be able to call her own shots. Britney doesn’t have a problem with the conservatorship staying in place for her business. Remember, she doesn’t have any formal custodial rights as far as her children are concerned. Kevin has agreed to essentially joint custody, but in the eyes of the law, she has no rights, and Kevin can revoke the agreement that is in place at anytime because of the fact that Britney is still under conservatorship.”

Britney met with Judge Reva Goetz last week for a status update; Goetz signed off on Britney judging on X Factor.

So when will this end?!

“Not soon enough for Britney. It looks like it won’t be ending anytime soon, but Britney feels that she is powerless to fight it,” the source says. “She has been on two wildly successful worldwide concert tours, has gotten engaged, and is now in talks to join a major television show, what more does she have to do to prove to people that she is ready to resume control of her life? Britney has been told Jamie’s lawyers could petition the judge for the conservatorship to end later this year, and not anytime sooner.”

Britney, you are NOT powerless. You are the only person that can end this if that’s what you feel in your heart needs to happen. It’s a doctor’s, lawyer’s, judge’s word over yours. What’ll it be?

Unfortunately, no one knows what’s going on behind-the-scenes that’s allowing this to take place for years-on-end. Only time will tell; the truth will set you free!

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