Britney Wants Jamie Lynn Back In L.A.

August 22, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Britney misses Jamie Lynn, ya’ll! And she should; only gets to see the girl once in a blue moon (damn who says that anymore). According to new reports, Britney has been trying to convince Jamie Lynn to relocate ever since she fell pregnant.

When media outlets began running stories that Casey Aldridge, Jamie Lynn’s fiance and father to her newborn Maddie, was cheating, Britney “offered to fly her sister and little Maddie Briann to L.A. via private jet,” according to

“Brit has assured Jamie Lynn that she’ll build a nursery for Maddie – even promising that when she buys her new place, it will have a special wing for them,” a source tells Star.

Can you imagine their girlie sleepovers? Pillow fights, smores, M&M’s, painting each others nails, and tucking their sons and daughters in to bed. The last part didn’t seem to fit. I’m on board with this – get Jamie Lynn out of Kentwood! Or at least away from Aldridge!