Britney’s moving on from her last relationship by jumping into another one, asking her new fling David Lucado to move into her Thousand Oaks home, according to new reports.

“Britney has only been dating David for three weeks and she’s already saying she wants him to move in with her! She’s lonely and hates being on her own,’ a source told British magazine Closer. “She’s been saying that all she wants is to be married and to have another baby. Her mother Lynne has been pleading with her to slow things down. Britney’s already told David that he doesn’t need to work anymore and has offered to upgrade his car. He seems like a nice, normal guy, but she doesn’t know him very well yet.”

Britney introduced David to followers on Valentine’s Day, and again when sneaky photogs caught the two golfing in Brit’s neighborhood.

TMZ claims David insists he and Britney are just friends.

“Since splitting from Jason, all she’s been talking about is either winning him back or finding someone to ‘take his place,’ the source added. “Britney’s not very good at being single.”

“Britney’s convinced her life is back on track now she has David, but those around her are hoping she listens to her mother and doesn’t rush into anything,” revealed the source.

At least it’s not Scott Disick! File this under the BS category…

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