Simon Cowell hired Britney and urged her to get an all-out makeover to glam up The X Factor, but Britney and Demi are turning the tables on Simon and offering unsolicited advice about his boring wardrobe, reports

“It’s a real blow to Simon because he brought Demi and Britney onto the show to give it a younger feel, and now they’re telling him that he’s the dinosaur,” a source said.

“Simon was already having a bit of a midlife crisis, so knowing people think he’s wearing mom jeans really blindsided him.”

Simon’s a bit put off that Britney and Demi insist on him changing his low-cut shirts and high-waisted “mom” jeans.

“He’s always been proud of his dressed-down sense of style. He loves the jeans and T-shirt look or unbuttoning his collared shirts to show his chest,” they continued.

They added: “But fellow judge L.A. Reid is a sharp dresser and the girls always wear the latest trends. Simon doesn’t want to be thought of as a granddad!”

“It was tough for him, especially since he’s always considered himself one of the world’s most eligible bachelors. It really bruised his king-size ego. Now the girls are pushing him to change it up, and he’s promised to try a few new looks.”

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