Britney wants a grand and “lavish” wedding, according to new reports.

This will be Brit’s biggest wedding, but “without all the hoards of celebs you’d expect,” a friend of Britney’s told Star magazine.

“I think they both want a classy do with their families and close friends there, and I reckon they’ll want to celebrate over two days. It seems like they both want it to be personal. Jason had her ring made especially for her, and wants the whole wedding to be done in the same way, with ‘Britney and Jason’ touches all over the event.”

“The theme will center around their journey together, and the dress and decor will reflect that.”

“Britney and Jason are thinking of doing it this way, not only because of security, but because home is where she loves the most,’ the insider revealed. ‘She and Jason are really close to their families and people in the music business, but generally not many celeb-types will be on the guest list.”

“It is going to cost a fortune though.”

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