Britney reportedly wants a baby with boyfriend David Lucado after her Las Vegas residency wraps up.

The two have already started talking about how they’d raise their kids.

“Britney has been talking about her hopes to have a baby when her Vegas residency ends,” a source told Closer magazine. “They want David to be the stay-at-home dad while she’s performing, and says he can’t wait to be hands-on.”

It was believed one major reason Britney and Jason split was because she wanted more children, and Jason didn’t. She’s moved on real quick because she knows what she wants, it’s just a matter of how she’ll get it. Cue David.

But the baby won’t be any time soon. Britney’s looking hotter than ever and wants to maintain her healthy regimen for the time being.

“Britney’s in the best shape she’s been in for years. Being with David has really inspired her. He makes her really happy and she wants to look **** for him,” a source explained. “Although she already looks amazing, Brit wants to get back the six-pack she had in the Slave 4 U video which she filmed when she was 19 – she’s hell-bent on looking perfect.”

But she’s no robot; homegirl gets one cheat day a week.

“Britney’s the queen of drive-thrus and takes full advantage of her cheat day – even getting KFC if she fancies it. But she’s totally committed on the other six days,” revealed the insider.

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