PopCrush.com is asking readers who has the better smile, Britney or Lady Gaga.

Little Monsters have overtaken the poll and got Gaga the lead. This is ridicerous, and we must set the record straight. And Gaga’s teeth! I keed.

From PopCrush:

“Lady Gaga seriously has one of the most infectious smiles we’ve seen. Her pearly whites are so perfect, and her smile is so warm and inviting that it definitely lives up to her loving reputation as the Mother of all little monsters. While she may not always flash her signature smile on the red carpet, she is always beaming while in the presence of her beloved fans.

Like Gaga, Britney Spears has a very kind and genuine grin. For over a decade, music lovers have fallen in love over and over again with Ms. Brit and her absolutely adorable and heartwarming smile. You can really tell what Brit is feeling by her expressions, and when we catch a glimpse of a smile like the one pictured above, we can’t help but smile back at this superstar songstress.”

Vote for Britney!!!

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