Who’d you rather… Britney or Christina? For the past seven years that question has been posed countless times by a ridiculous number of people inquiring about two of the sexiest pop stars of our generation. The comparison was inevitable: both were ************ blondes when they started out, both released hit single after single, and both of them made watching TRL bearable in the late 90’s (despite Carson Daly), and that’s saying something.

But back to the battle. Throughout the years the general consensus has swayed back and forth. At first it was a pretty even mix, with Britney holding the slight edge. Then as Brit began dancing with snakes and making out with Madonna, a clear winner was crowned. It looked like Christina was doomed to a lifelong second-place finish. But then something happened. Let’s call that something Kevin Federline.

This isn’t news to anybody, but since Britney married her backup dancer a transformation has occurred- the girl has suffered an epic fall . Meanwhile, Christina has re-invented herself (again) and is hotter than ever. Recently both have posed **** in magazines. Yes, Britney’s pregnant again and Christina isn’t, but still. Both chose to get naked.

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