Unfortunately, almost nothing in Britney’s personal life is kept sacred anymore – including her *** life. Or lack thereof.

A new report from Entertainmentwise.com claims Britney has vowed to stop having *** in order to focus on her comeback.

“Britney has always found it difficult not to have a man in her life but right now boyfriends are out of the question,” says a source to the site. “She’s concentrating on her career and getting back to where she once was.

“Although she would love to be in a relationship she’s aware that it’s the kind of blow that comes with being let down by a partner that has seen her lose it in the past.

“She won’t make that mistake again.”

This story is ridiculous. But better to put it out there then completely hide it, riiiiiight? THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!

I heard Apple has come out with a solution for Britney!

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