Britney Spears fresh out of rehab is visited by her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James at her Hollywood Hills retreat. Britney, who is stil not allowed custody of her children, had a supervised four hour visit with them and their nanny today, whilst husband Kevin Federline relaxed at his Encino mansion on his 29th birthday. It is unknown what gift if any Britney got him for his birthday, unless she was considered the gift.

“In other related news, Kevin and his divorce attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan are very happy and cautiously focused on Britney’s rehab follow-through,” the source says. “Federline and Kaplan are not about to return custody to Britney as a reward for her going through Promises.”

According to the source, Federline has taken the position that “Britney will have increased custody (after) demonstrating that she is living the life consistent with the best interest of her children.”

Federline has visted her in rehab several times with their sons, most recently last weekend, and has been described as supportive of her recovery.

Source: Splash

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