Britney Visited Her Babies Last Night

March 7, 2007 By Jordan Miller

X17online can report exclusively that Britney left Promises last night around 6:30, in the rehab center’s SUV and was taken to her Serra Retreat house just minutes away from Promises for a visit with Sean and Jayden. Kevin, who was seen out and about in Malibu earlier in the day, brought the two young boys to the Malibu house, and stayed there during Britney’s two-hour visit. While Britney returned to Promises at 8:30, Kevin spent the night with Sean and Jayden, and just brought the boys back to the Valley about an hour ago.

Whether this is further evidence of a reconciliation between the estranged couple or just more evidence that Britney is well on her way to recovery, we wish the family all the best during this difficult time.

Credit: x17online