Will Britney pull the plug on the “Circus” tour if Kevin’s new ho-bag tags along?

According to new reports, Britney does NOT want Kevin Federline’s new girlfriend, Victoria Prince, to join Kevin on the “Circus” tour, which launches March 3 in New Orleans.

Kevin, who will be paid an additional $5000 a week to shadow Britney, will accompany Brit’s boys on a private tour bus as to allow Britney to be near her boys during the duration of the tour.

“Britney doesn’t want Victoria on tour-period. She’s footing the bill, and she wants to call the shots,” a source reveals to The National Enquirer. “Britney doesn’t want to see her boys reach out for Victoria.”

Victoria Prince has been seen spending time with Sean & Jayden in the recent weeks, as well as multiple bowling dates with the Pancake Man.

“Victoria has been playing full-time mom to the boys since she quit her job at FOX Sports in January. She’s even skipped volleyball practices and games to be with Kevin and the boys.”

Damn straight, Britney. You call the shots!

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