Britney Spears celebrated the astounding success of her three fragrances, Curious, Fantasy and In Control, with Elizabeth Arden, the company that manufactures and markets the scents, at a celebration today at the Hudson Hotel. Her first fragrance Curious, became the #1 launch worldwide in 2005, and the only new launch to make the top 20 list globally. In the US, Curious achieved a top 5 fragrance ranking among fragrances launched in the past decade. Over 10 million bottles of the three scents have been sold — an astonishing number considering that her first fragrance, Curious, was just launched in 2004.

A giant cake in shape of her fragrance bottle for Fantasy commemorated the occasion, and young dancers from Broadway Dance Center, where Britney had studied in New York before becoming a top-selling recording artist, helped her celebrate. Dancers competed in a dance-off judged by Britney. Twelve-year-old Marina Micalizzi was the winner.

Britney Spears fragrances are sold in over 80 countries around the world.

Credit: prnews

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