Could it be the next single?


Brit’s “Tom’s Diner” officially finds its way to VEVO.

Producer Giorgio Moroder released his star-studded album Déjà Vu this week. On it are features from Kylie Minogue, Sia, Charli XCX, Kelis, Mikky Echo and yes, Britney Spears. She personally requested Moroder’s services to produce her cover of Suzanne Vega’s version of “Tom’s Diner.” It unexpectedly hit the Internet weeks before Moroder’s scheduled album release and took the world wide web by storm. The robotic voice backed with electric guitar riffs and Moroder’s bizarrely powerful bridge made for a perfect storm, and now the song has hit Brit’s official VEVO account.

The song leaked back in April, and instantly fans wanted Giorgio to give it the full single treatment. Britney previously tweeted about the song on Wednesday, giving fans hope the the song would perhaps become a single, and it now looks like it may have! The video features a postcard written by Brit that includes the lyrics, “I am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner.” She signs the card with her iconic autograph featuring her signature heart!

Check out the official VEVO video below, and stay tuned to see if “Diner” will be Giorgio’s next official single, because, ya’know, nothing is ever that easy in Britney Land.