Britney Updates:

October 1, 2004 By Jordan Miller

Hi Everyone!~

I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I am still working on my first posting for the website and I’m really excited about it! We are going to be putting ‘Lynne’s Corner’ on hold soon- so that way I can talk to you directly. I’m going to be doing updates about what’s going on, things I’m currently working on and I was also thinking about starting a section that has my favorite things of the month. It’ll include different restaurants I’ve found, movies, CD’s, bands, clothing designers, stores, beauty, fashion, travel, different recipes – stuff like that. What do ya’ll think? Some of it will be posted on the fan club first, to give you guys the chance to read it before everyone else and then we’ll put it up on the main site a little bit later. But, I still need a little more time to put the finishing touches on my first letter- so please be patient with me and I promise to have something ready to go up soon!