A fan who attended the “screening” today emailed in some details about Britney’s appearance. Sounds like Britney was very nervous and uncomfortable. You be the judge:



The screening today was for the taping of the pre-show to Britney’s “For The Record” documentary. The pre-show included Britney’s top 10 memorable moments at MTV. The audience did not get to see the documentary or any part of it and we did not get to see the “Circus” video. We were simply the audience who cheered when beckoned and gave feedback on the memorable moments later in the show. Britney looked stunning however when Damien was interviewing her she seemed as though she wasn’t paying attention. Her answers were always one-word answers or a simple “mhmm”. I sat 3 feet away from her and noticed that the entire time she was very fidgety and played with her hands a lot. Production asked if she would like to spit out her gum and she refused. Then once the 10 memorable moments were done filming she was supposed to do an interview about Circus, yet refused. She called Larry Rudolf over and told him “I’m done, I’m done.” he replied with “just one more question” and she stated “No! I’m done”. So Damien proceeded to finish the segment they were on and in the middle of his sentence Larry yelled cut and Britney stormed from the stage only acknowledging her fans because we yelled bye Britney. Basically, Britney had a huge diva fit and pissed off all in attendance.


UPDATED: 2 more fans have emailed in a detailed summary of the screening. I’m super bummed.


Hey, Jordan.I’ve noticed from the site that a lot of the fans that have submitted emails regarding today’s screening were from an outsider’s point of view. My friend and I both were, unfortunately, part of the group that was immediately taken to the front from the back of the line. It’s truly saddening to hear that so many of our fellow fans were left hanging at the parking structure we were told to meet at. Anyway, as we pulled up to the “undisclosed location,” we were abruptly escorted inside–the “handpicked blonde girls, who were wearing high heels and short skirts” first–a room that was filled with small black, cafe-like tables and chairs with ceilings lit with not-so-grandieose chandeliers. 1iota.com definitely put looks over any other aspect when shuffling the crowd around the venue. Enough about the details, though, this is what really went down–and it seriously was not as cut out as it was made to seem.

First off, after grueling sessions of getting crowd cheers at controlled levels, lights set correctly, and some more crowd switching, our one and only legend, in the flesh, Britney came out to a roaring crowd. However, the excitement was quickly shot down when we, along with the rest of the crowd, noticed her distance and apathy towards the interview with Damien, the host for the taping. Although she was looking amazing as ever, we really did not feel any connection to the returning pop star. Damien would bring up a series of questions like any good interviewer, most of which were open-ended and intended to engage Britney, but many of her answers were short-winded and quickly closed down the conversation. Her responses consisted mostly of “Yeah’s,” “Uh-huh’s,” and “Thank you’s.” Now, while that may seem alright at first, keep in mind Britney did this for the WHOLE interview, even leaving early to take a restroom break, which a 1iota staff member claimed was her attempting an early getaway. While these claims are possibly not true, she only proved this later by anxiety to answer “only one more” for the camera. After plenty of takes for the last bits of the episode, Larry Rudolph did not hesitate to interrupt one of the closing questions Damein was going to ask Brithey with a, “Cut, cut, cut. Thats it, we’re done. Let’s go” (or something to that effect). He reached for her hand, she reached back for it, and they were off. Just like that, they left without finishing, and more importantly without giving a reason for their hasty exit. Although Britney did wave goodbye, it was quick and it seemed half-hearted.

Please remember that we are loyal fans to Britney–so loyal that we’ve vowed to not listen to the “Circus” album leak–and that we have no intentions of tarnishing her reputation and work ethics. She looked stunning and we teared at the sight of her, but something just didn’t seem right. We really wish she had been more personable and had shown herself to be the sweetheart we had all grown up loving, and we hope there is an explaination for all this because at this point, it all seems so surreal. It was fast. It was impersonal. It really wasn’t an experience to brag about. We hate to say it, but those of you who were not able to go in really didn’t miss anything at all. If anything, you’d probably be just as disappointed as you are now.

We love you, Britney, and we also love you, Jordan.

Regardless of this experience, we will continue to support our girl Britney and her endeavors,

Kevin and Kat

In fact, I received a half a dozen emails saying similar statements that Britney rushed out and refused to answer questions. Poor girl. I want to give her a hug.

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