Britney Tweets JLo: Thank You For Being You

Sometimes being a nasty mommy ***** is a thankless job.

Britney Spears, like many straight women (and gay men), saw Jennifer Lopez’s new movie “The Boy Next Door” today and thought 1. Holy **** JLo never ages 2. Ryan Guzman YAAAAS and 3. Holy **** JLo is so amazing [insert crying emoji].

Perhaps Britney caught wind of JLo’s Watch What Happens Live answer and decided to check out the Puerto Rican princess’ latest film? Who knows, but she DID leave JLo with some very flattering words:

It’s hard to imagine Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez ever feel dull and invisible, but alas they really are human. I’m still not convinced, actually.

Have you seen “The Boy Next Door” yet?