Britney Tweets Fans After Vancouver Show

July 1, 2011 By Jordan Miller

Britney’s Tweeting fans after tonight’s show in Vancouver. She said:

I saw you dancing! -Britney RT @Carlosdays: I LOVED TODAY’S CONCERT! it was so much fun, i was dancing and singing all night long

Thanks girl -Brit RT @littlemisschai: Why did it have to end? That was THE BEST night of my life ever!!!! @britneyspears you killed it!!!!!

So sweet xox -Britney RT @sarahshepp: If at all possible I love @britneyspears more than ever. Best. Concert. Ever.

Vancouver you guys ROCK -Britney RT @cmarieso: holy F! Crazy show!!! RT if u love ur #Vancouver fans!

You were on fire girl! -Britney RT @daniecarrie: had fun dancing with @britneyspears onstage! Such a good concert

Glad you had such a great show, Brit. Don’t let dumb rumors get ya down!