Britney Tweets About Leaks, Handles It Like A Pro

We live in a day & age where your hard work recording music for your fans can be spoiled in an instant. Today, 30-second snippets of every song from “Britney Jean” leaked onto the Internet ahead of schedule, and Britney is aware.

Instead of flipping out like many celebrities are notoriously known for doing, she stayed true to herself and played it oh-so-cool.

SUPER impressed with these Tweets, as I’m sure she and her writers, producers and team are feeling deflated as a result. Major props!

Executive producer Will.I.Am didn’t handle it as well, Tweeting his valid frustration about it all:

Let’s not forget that at the end of the day, it’s not about numbers, album sales, money or charting positions. It’s about the music, and Britney gracefully reminded us of that with her responses.