I swear I’ve reported, like, 3 different versions of this story. Never gets old!


According to new reports, Britney is trying to sabotage Kevin’s relationship with new girlfriend Victoria Prince by “hooking up with him on her tour.”

“Dump her!” says Britney to Kevin about Prince according to a source in the latest Star magazine.

“Kevin misses Britney and her intrigue,” said a source close to the Spears family. “She’s the only woman who keeps his mind in suspense and constant turmoil, and Kevin misses the everyday fun of it. He’d do anything to get her back.”

He’s not happy with his $20,000 a month plus $5000 a week to shadow her on tour?

The source continued to say Kevin is “stringing” Victoria along.

“Kevin’s so bored with her. She’s made herself way too available, and she’s getting very clingy.”

And by clingy, they mean she’s literally stuck to his mustard-stained clothes and sweaty socks (and sandals).

PS – Kevin must be LOVING today!

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