Britney is swimming in the dough, topping Forbes’ Top-Earning Women in Music 2012 list.

Thanks to her wildly successful Femme Fatale album and tour and fragrance line with Elizabeth Arden, Brit earned $58 million.

“I think people love the comeback story—Britney never really finished her run as a superstar,” says marketing guru Steve Stoute, author of The Tanning of America. Adds music attorney Lori Landew, who helped sign Spears to her first record deal as a teenager: “Britney has an electricity that connects with audiences on screen and off, and it is that intangible quality that always seems to leave her fans, old and new, breathless.”

Trailing after Britney’s #1 spot in music comes Taylor Swift with $57 million, Rihanna with $53 million and Katy Perry with $45 million.

Britney placed #2 on Forbes’ Highest Paid Women in Hollywood list several weeks back, only losing to Oprah.

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