Preggers pop princess Britney Spears has been told her reality TV show is in danger of getting the chop after only a couple of weeks on air.Britney and Kevin: Chaotic follows the soon-to-be-parents as they go about being baseball cap-wearing celebrities who don’t seem to do much except get photographed, looking a bit scruffy, eating junk food. There are no lurid tales or ***, drugs and rock and roll. Just boring Britney and yawn some Kev, talking about who’s going to clean the trailer or who’s turn it is to de-louse the pit bull. The pikey popster obviously loves the limelight as she invited cameras to follow her and Kev for weeks on end, but she’s not happy now the viewers don’t seem to want to watch. The delicate little madam is apparently so distressed at the falling ratings, she is having special counseling from LA media professionals who are trained in how to deal with stars’ fragile egos. Clearly she won’t be making any records for a while, unless she plans to take little Kev or Kevita into the recording studio with her. A screaming brat could probably do a better job than Britters, anyway.


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