Is Britney set to star in her own autobiographical film?

According to The Mirror, Britney will be working with top British director Phil Griffin for the flick, who’s most recent work is Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” music video.

A source said: “It’s the film everyone will be queuing to see. It will be dark and gritty – charting Britney’s devastating falls including her head-shaving ordeal and her traumatic custody battle for her two children.”

“Let’s just say, it will not be for the faint-hearted. But it will also show the highs along her incredible life journey.” We expect she’ll be dusting off her old school uniform for the big-screen version of Baby One More Time – but there’s no word yet whether her ex Justin Timberlake will be playing himself.”

The site continues to say that insiders are “worried whether Britney will be strong enough to relive the horrors of the past year so soon,” but others think it may be therapeutic for her.

“If anything it will be cathartic for Britney,” says a source. “She has been through so much and is finally back to her best. This will be her ultimate chance to prove to the world she has still got it.”

File this under the ******** category. And yes, I used that cap of Britney in Crossroads on purpose. If she’s doing a film, she better do that again.

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