On the heels of a public feud with her own dad, is Britney Spears making nice with another pop star papa?

According to a report in the New York Daily News’ Rush & Molloy column, Joe Simpson has been in talks with Brit about taking over as her manager, just like he does for his own daughters Jessica and Ashlee.

The report claims Joe even tried to set up a weekend meeting with Britney, who recently fired her manager Larry Rudolph.

However, sources have confirmed to Access these reports are not true.

Earlier this week, Britney and her dad Jamie engaged in a war of words over Brit’s recent problems, with her dad saying it was her own fault if she loses her kids and her career.

Jamie made the comments to Page Six after Britney fired Rudolph.

“He was doing what her mother, father and team of professionals with over 100 yeas of experience knew needed to be done. She was out of control,” Jamie said. “Unfortunately, she blames [Rudolph] and her family for where she is at today with her kids and career.”

After seeing the comments, the pop princess proceeded to respond.

“I am praying for my father. We have never had a good relationship. It’s sad that all the men that have been in my life do not know how to accept a real woman’s love,” Brit said in a statement to the New York Post. “I am concentrating on my work and my life right now.”

Meanwhile in other Britney news, Star magazine is reporting on another possible business collaboration – this time with booted “Idol” Sanjaya Malakar.

The magazine claims Britney is eager to work with “Idol’s” hair-raising sensation.

“Britney started watching ‘American Idol’ when she was in rehab,” Star quoted a source as saying. “She became a huge Sanjaya fan and thinks the two of them can make beautiful music together.”

However, a rep for Spears told Access it sounds like Sanjaya could be the one who planted this idea in the press.

Source: Access Hollywood


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