Britney will share 50/50 custody with ex-husband Kevin Federline for the duration of 2009, according to

“An L.A. County Superior Court judge extended the order that was initially put in place for Britney’s concert tour. Under the terms, Britney gets to travel with Sean Preston and Jayden James and must provide K-Fed with a place to stay if he wants to follow them on tour.”

Sources claim the sealed order is “very detailed,” but Britney will continue to receive 50/50 custody and at times may have even more.

Britney isn’t the only one benefitting!

Kevin will receive an additional $25,000 a month when the boys are outside of California, on top of the $20,000 a month the Pancake Man already receives for child support.

More money for donuts!

A judge will reevaluate the custody arrangement at the end of the year.


*Doesn’t she only have visitation rights???

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