Britney To Possibly Submit To Psychiatric Evaluation, Could Dissolve Conservatorship

May 11, 2011 By Jordan Miller

Ex-manager, Sam Lutfi, who’s suing Lynne Spears for defamation and libel and accused of allegedly drugging Britney and cutting her phone lines, wants Britney to submit a deposition to prove his innocence. But Team Spears will not allow it, claiming she’s mentally incapable of testifying.

“In a motion filed on Monday at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Lufti asks a judge to order a psychiatric evaluation of the singer to prove that’s not true,” reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Lutfi wants Britney to speak out, but the conservators, Jamie Spears and Andrew Wallet, do not want this.

Lutfi uses Britney’s recent MTV documentary, her upcoming world tour and the latest Ryan Seacrest interview as circumstantial evidence that Britney is mentally fit. Lutfi took the evidence to UCLA Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Joshua Pretsky, for analysis. According to Pretsky’s declaration to the court:


“In the Ryan Seacrest interview, which was recorded approximately two months ago, Britney Spears is interviewed at length, and she responds logically and coherently to questions, evidencing logical thinking and mental competency. The edited interviews in the [MTV] video documentary also evidence coherent and logical thinking, responsiveness to questions, and mental competence…In my opinion, there is good cause to conduct an Independent Medical Examination to investigate the Conservators’ claim that Ms. Spears is not mentally capable of testifying, and the claim that she was not mentally competent to enter into a binding contract…”

If Britney is declared mentally fit for the lawsuit deposition, this could potentially dissolve the conservatorship. Afterall, why place someone in a conservatorship if they are capable of thinking for themselves, putting out two albums and performing two tours?