Britney To Piece Of Me Crowd: “Stand The F–k Up” And “I Dare You To Sit Down”

November 10, 2016 By Jordan Miller

The Queen hath spoken.

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The Queen hath spoken.

All this political jabber about how horrendous the next four years with President-elect Donald Trump will likely be has millions of Americans feeling down, but leave it to the princess of pop to lift our spirits with her spontaneity…ney.

During Wednesday’s Piece Of Me show in Las Vegas, Brit, who according to a fan was fighting a sinus infection, wasn’t thrilled when she saw some attendees sitting down during the high-energy songs. By all means, take a seat during “Everytime,” but get your *** up when she’s acing the last couple songs in the show, or you’ll have one testy pop star on your arse.

“OK guys you gotta stand the **** up and give it up for my band,” she told the crowd before uttering a sassy “thank you.”

Earlier in the night, she told them: “I dare you to sit down.”

Don’t do it, y’all!

Watch below then check out more videos and photos from the Nov. 10 show above.

Do you dare?!?!? #britneyspears #pieceofme #itsbritneybitch

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