Rumor has it Britney will take the stage with Madonna one more time for Brit’s upcoming tour “The Circus Tour: Starring Britney Spears!”

According to, “Madonna’s planning on paying back her crazy little showbiz sis, Brit-Brit, and showing up at one of her upcoming concerts.”

The pop queens are rumored to be planning a duet for “Womanizer” for one show reveals a Spears insider.

“Although it’s Britney’s trademark song right now, don’t for sure count on her sharing it with Madonna.”

Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg is already denying the rumor, saying:


“I don’t see this happening. Madonna is still on tour, but I’ll let you know.”

This is the same woman who denied Madonna and Guy Ritchie were getting a divorce.

Can’t wait for the duet (hopefully in Vegas!!!)!

And lol at that pic above.

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