“vma04.cjb.net they got some news from Vma Insiders maybe u can take it as a Rumor Now, That Britney will perform yeah and she will will do a cleopatra theme and she will comes out from a big pyramid and in a((**** **** Outfit)) and britney asked the same designer who designed her ((Slave Performance)) Outfit To Design her an eye-attraction costume with some touches of the one Elizabeth taylor had on her movie ((Cleopatra)) plus the performance will include a medley of her latest album songs: I Got That((Boom Boom))+Outrageous ) britney is expected to focus on **** moves and fire circuls ,**** Men To Hold Her down To The Fans and then easy-to-do chreography…and the performance is Promised To Be one of the best performances anticipated in the Night.. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Im soo exciting too,and i hope this is true ,that would be the sexiest ever…”

quoted from TJ-Jason

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