Reports have surfaced (I’ve always wanted to say that) that Britney has reached out to Miley Cyrus after her Vanity Fair ******* picture scandal. Personally I think the creepier pictures are the ones of her and her father looking like lovers, but whatever floats your boat.

According to, Britney has “offered her advice on being a young star to Miley.”

“Britney is all too aware of the pressures of being famous so young and of having to maintain the image of a role model,” says an insider. “She has offered Miley her support and advice should she need it.”

Can you imagine the awkward phone-call between the two?

Britney: Hi Kylie!
Miley: Hey Britney, it’s uhmm… actually it’s Miley? But like I mean you can totally call me Kylie if you want that’s like totally cool too.
Britney: Anyway, don’t worry bout all these places trashin you! Trust me, I know what it feels like to be exploited and used at such an early age, to be made into a product, an image that you’re not.
Miley: Like woah Britney, that was totally deep. I like love you!
Britney: Aww your so cute. Gotta go Riley, love ya too! [hangs up]
Miley: Thanks Brit, baah!

Let’s file this rumor under the ******** cateogry. Done and done.

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