Teen star Khaled Rahime proves that you dont have to be older to have your reality show get anticipated. KhaledRahime.org reports that the teen singer/actor will have his reality show “Living With Khaled Rahime” premiere across Canada And The U.S on July 3rd, 2005. Rolling Stones magazine reports the show to be a Chaotic appeal mixed with Punk’d but including a lot of laughter. If you were to explain the show and Khaled in 5 little words they’d be: fun, entertaining, young hearted, diffrent, and very funny.

In the season premiere episode of “Living With Khaled…” , Khaled and his cousin “Sherrise Rahime” create chaos as he and she stir problems with the staff and director of Khaleds new video “Shake It”. After the shoot they meet up with producers who created massive hits for Britney, Justin and Beyonce. After that Khaled goes back to his apartment were he invites friends over which at that point they all ring on hotel doors and ask for tampons. Khaled’s show is sure to make you laugh and having you want more.

Season Premiere: July 3rd, 2005.
Mixture Of: “Chaotic”and “Punk’d”
Episode Time: 1 Hour ( 6 Episodes)
Special Appearances: Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Jay Leno.


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