OK don’t lie – you KNOW you wanted Britney to rock the shaved head look after she infamously buzzed her head last year. But understandably so, Britney pretended like that **** never happened and wore wig after wig followed by the plethora of brunette and blonde extensions. Cause I mean, “people shave their heads all the time!” Anywaaaay.

According to new reports, Britney is planning on launching her own line of hair extensions! (That sentence really did not deserve an exclamation point, but it sounded too formal with just a period at the end.)

“After nearly two years of trying to hide the hideous haircut Britney gave herself, she’s become an expert on weaves, wigs and extensions,” an insider revealed in the January 5 issue of the National Enquirer. “That’s what gave her the idea to launch her own product line.”

“There was a time when Britney dreaded having to wear a wig or extensions whenever she went out in public, but now she’s gotten hooked on them because they’re so much easier than dealing with cuts, coloring and styling.”

“She’s eager to prove that in addition to being a world-class entertainer, she’s also a shrewd businesswoman.”

According to a source, the line is set to debut in stores in March 2009, the same time her “Circus” tour kicks off. I smell a new BreatheHeavy contest!

“[Britney] is already consulting with celebrity hair maven Kim Vo, who may assist with the launch.”

I expect an email from Kim to set the record straight. And by straight, I mean the truth.

Am still waiting for the “Britney Spears Tupays for Men” line! File this under the ******** category (damn, that drawer is getting full. FAST.)

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