Britney To Have Reality Show On UPN

April 5, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears is turning the tables on the tabloids.
In a bid to offer another take on her much-documented love life, the pop superstar and hubby Kevin Federline will topline their own unscripted series on UPN. After fierce competish from several other outlets, net has snapped up six episodes of the as-yet-untitled skein, which will document the story of the Spears-Federline courtship, engagement and wedding.

UPN is wasting no time putting the series together, planning to premiere the skein before the current season ends next month.

“From the day that Kevin and I met, there have been constant rumors and inaccurate speculation about our lives together,” Spears said. “I feel that last year the tabloids ran my life and I am really excited about showing my fans what really happened rather than all the stories, which have been misconstrued by journalists in the past. As I mentioned before, I am now going to be expressing my personal life through art.”

UPN Entertainment prexyprexy Dawn Ostroff said the skein will give Spears and Federline the chance to “tell their love story their way.”

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