Britney Spears sure has been spendin’ tons of time at Millennium Dance Complex since she got outta rehab (uh, when she’s not performing stand-up for X17, that is). Seems B.S. has replaced her constant club hopping with hitting said North Hollywood studio. And she’s not just there to burn Cheeto calories and booty-shake her way back into shape. Girlfriend’s working on a comeback, and she just might be coming to a city near you.

“She’s about to do a small House of Blues tour to perform a few new songs and some old ones,” say very well-connected peeps.

I hear she’s also hard at work on new choreography and dance moves, natch. But most interesting are the getups she rocks during rehearsals.

Picture it: a cowboy hat, a bra, leopard-print ******* and stilettos. Yup, that’s just one wacky ensemble I’m hearing the Britster donned for a recent dance session. How very Miss Xtina nearly a decade ago.

“Bystanders were trying not to laugh at her as she rehearsed,” says a snitty source. Let’s just hope these bizarro-witnesses were amused by the freaky fashion choices and not Brit’s vampin’ moves, shall we?


NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Don’t do it Britney!

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