Britney To Do “Selective Promotion”

October 29, 2007 By Jordan Miller

Barry Weiss, president and CEO of Jive Records’ parent Zomba Label Group, is bullish about the album’s prospects, based on Gimme More’s download sales. He says that it’s hard to predict how an artist who has been off the market for four years will fare but that the album’s high-energy dance/pop is what her fans expect.

“The sound is a maturation from her prior albums,” Weiss says. “In the Zone hinted in this direction, and this album fulfills that promise.””With so much noise out there about her, we are trying to keep the focus on the music as much as possible.” He continues by saying that Spears “will do her part” in promoting the album, but the company will be “very selective” about what she’s asked to do.

Source: USA Today