Britney To David: Marry Me... Or Else!

I straight up feel like Star magazine for writing that headline.

Yesterday, Britney couldn’t wait for David Lucado to propose. Today, he’s out of time. Britney wants to get more serious with her new dude in the hopes of having another baby, and when homegirl wants something, she gets it.

“Britney told David she wants a firm commitment that he wants to marry and give her a child, or get out of her life for good,” a source tells the National Enquirer.

Usually an ultimatum is just the ticket a guy needs to run from a relationship, but sources say David’s cool with it because he’s equally into her as she is to him, even buying Britney a simple gold ring to symbolize his love for her.

“David is planning a more formal engagement with Britney later this year, but he wanted to give her something now to show her he’s in this relationship for the long haul.”

Britney recently told Mario Lopez from Extra she’d love to have a girl.

If it’s just a baby she wants, it’s 2013… there are ways!