Britney Spears apparently has no intention of letting her dad infringe on her newfound freedom.

Just hours after her surprise release from UCLA Medical Center on Wednesday afternoon, the troubled songstress, with boyfriend Adnan Ghalib back in the picture, made a stop at the Century City offices of Loeb & Loeb, where Adam Streisand, the attorney who Britney has been attempting to hire, practices.

Sources tell E! News Britney and Ghalib arrived shortly before 6 p.m. after spending about two hours at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and then left soon after 7 p.m., somehow without being photographed or followed.

Even the paparazzi were impressed.

A source close to the family said that her parents currently have “no idea” where she is and are concerned.

Another source close to Britney told E! News Wednesday that the “Gimme More” songbird’s biggest issue right now is that she does not trust her father, Jamie Spears, who was named temporary conservator of her welfare and finances on Friday—an arrangement his daughter has not responded kindly to.

After being retained over the weekend, Streisand appeared Monday at a hearing to argue against extending the conservatorship, but he was effectively ordered out of the courtroom after Jamie’s legal camp successfully argued that Britney wasn’t fit to hire her own counsel.

The Spears family hasn’t yet commented on the situation, but it is suspected that Britney is meeting with Streisand to orchestrate a game plan to strip her father of his interim guardian duties.

If she is in fact planning to challenge the conservatorship, she would need to file a petition to dissolve the arrangement in which she would have to state why she doesn’t need a conservator, Santa Monica attorney Steve Cron told E! News Wednesday. A judge could then either deny the request or set a hearing so Britney’s team could present evidence in her favor.

The conservatorship would stay in effect until after the hearing.

“The judge is not going to do anything rash,” Cron said. “He is going to want to hear from both sides and have a hearing and then make a decision.”

Another issue perhaps plaguing Britney is the temporary restraining order issued Friday against confidante Sam Lutfi, who helped arrange her hospitalization.

Lynne Spears has accused the manager of drugging Britney, hiding her cell phone, and engaging in various other devious activities meant to emotionally and mentally manipulate her.

Lutfi, who admitted earlier this week to providing Britney with pills the night before she was hospitalized to soften the edge of her mood swings, has denied Mama Spears’ allegations, including that he ground up pills in Britney’s food behind her back, telling E! News simply, “It’s not true.”


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