Britney To Casey: Stick With Construction

September 18, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Casey Aldridge has been noticeably absent during Jamie Lynn’s trip to L.A. with baby Maddie this week. Casey, who told TMZ he was not in L.A. because “he hates the paparazzi and he doesn’t wanna take time off from work doing construction.” But new reports suggest otherwise…

According to EntertainmentWise, Casey didn’t show up to L.A. with Jamie Lynn for Sean & Jayden’s birthday party because Britney banned him. “Britney had really been looking forward to Jamie Lynn coming with Maddie, but definitely did not want Casey there,” a friend tells In Touch.

In fact, Britney’s thought Casey was a douche this whole time! “Britney just does not like him and everyone knows that,” adds the source. “She thinks that Casey is using Jamie Lynn for her money.”

Fortunately for JL, the trip visiting her sis and nephews has been great for her. “It was a good time for her to get away from him and spend time with her family around her,” a friend says.

How many days til Jamie Lynn dumps his ***???