Britney may be responsible for breaking up Shar and Kevin Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn.

According to the Daily Mirror, Gibson and Robyn divorced in 2006, but “kept up the charade of marriage for the sake of their family and their strict Catholic religion.”

Robyn was reportedly “mortified” when Gibson invited Britney to a tropical vacation in Costa Rica last year.

“Mel invited Britney to his estate to offer a place of respite. He also took her for dinner in LA. But the innuendo and whispers got to Robyn,” said one source. “She had to get out and this meant divorce.”

Gibson and Britney began their friendship while neighbors in Malibu, CA in 2006.

“But their bond grew as Britney battled her personal demons.”

Gibson reportedly invited Britney to join his therapy group sessions, which included AA and other group meetings.

“Robyn doesn’t believe anything happened but thought it odd a 50-something man struck a friendship with someone so young. She was aware what people might be thinking and wasn’t very happy to say the least.”

This report is SO 12 months ago…

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