Britney threw a superhero-themed birthday party for her sons, Sean, 6 and Jayden, 5, this week, Britney revealed to KIIS FM.

“We’ve just had a huge birthday party for him yesterday! It was Spiderman and Batman [themed], he’s obsessed, so obsessed!! We have four Spiderman costumes, so all the kids at the party had on costumes!”

So did Britney play dress up, too?

“Oh, I didn’t dress up at all! Nooo actually me and … I was going to say my husband … my boyfriend we do that every once in a while! We’re such Goubs! I’m so embarrassed!”

Britney went on to say she enjoys reading BreatheHeavy. Well, almost. “I’m really kind of boring. I love my home and love my routine! I like my computer … we’re American so we like that!”

Then it hits Britney… she’s going to be 30! “Oh my god it’s crazy! I’m getting old!”

Age is just a number! Even for Spiderman!

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